Technology for hospitalists.


Team work

Teamwork is the key

Medryx is all about teamwork. We believe that a hospitalist group that works seamlessly with nursing, social work, and the rest of the care team provides the highest quality, most efficient care.

Medryx leverages your existing technology infrastructure and gives you the tools you need to let your team function at its best.

  • Manage your patient census
  • Nurses and others page the right physician at the right time
  • Cross-covering physicians get the information they need to make the right decision
  • And much more!

Medryx is looking for partners!

We are still in the early phases of development at Medryx. Do you want to shape the future of hospital medicine? Join us now!

Development Progressing

We are busy developing our first alpha release of Medryx now! Contact us for a sneek peak!

Last Update: 5/8/2008